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The Team

From the initial stage of contact all the way through to set up and operation of a project the team of Teph Seal “Auto Appearance” strives to exceed the expectations of auto dealerships. Because the quality and integrity of your business is crucial to our reputation, we are committed to taking a practical “hands on” approach towards helping a dealership run at maximum efficiency.

JOHN TRICOLI, III - President 
BILL TRICOLI - Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer 
DENNIS DECARLO - Vice President of Business Development 
PAUL D'ALESIO - Chief Financial Officer 
CHRIS TRICOLI - Regional Vice President

MARK PLOTTS - Regional Vice President
Atlanta,Alabama,Knoxville,New York,Connecticut,New Jersey,Nashville 

RONALDO SWILLEY - Regional Vice President
South, Southwest Florida,Tampa, and Melbourne 

TOM JACOBS- Regional Vice President
Cincinnati Ohio 

JOHN RAK - Regional Vice President
Detroit,Baltimore,Columbus Ohio 

MICHAEL GRUVER -Regional Vice President
Gainesville,Charlotte,Columbia SC 

JEFF EMERLING- Regional Vice President

BILLY TRICOLI - Regional Vice President
New England 

DERRICK PAIGE- District Manager

NEIL RICHARDSON- District Manager

MICHAEL RAK- District Manager
Baltimore, Detroit 

JASON MURRAY - District Manager
St Petersburg Florida 

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